Way way way back in 2006 I wanted to build a studio scale DS9 station model which would be 6ft in diameter!

So I wanted to see if I had the skills to take on such a model so I wanted to make it half the size at 3 feet in diameter.

I got to the point of making the outer ring section but only the top side portion then I stopped , well it’s now 2021 and I plan on building the 6ft studio scale model of the station.

I even made a webpage on this but that was long time ago, in fact I dont remember the password to that site so its been online circling the web for 12 years as well as this sites first banner was placed on! it’s still up !! you can see it here https://www.angelfire.com/planet/ds9builder/

The info is outdated as well as the old email address on that page but it brings back memories when I created the page for a project that never made it to completion.

Stay tuned for this build!!!!!


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