Coming soon the all new Studio Scale Modeler Forum, being created right now as this post is being made. This forum will be an all new discussion board all about models. What this board will feature:

Anyone can join and make a post , post images, and share what they are building.

Product discussions and announcements , this part of the forum is where new items are being worked on, or available not matter the manufacturer. Discus the latest model kits

Product support , This is where you can discus about the model and ask questions about the model or models featured in the kits section.

Customer Updating , This is a special section for customers to view the progress of an order and make requests or changes as well as view the status of their order being made.

Discussions of all scales

Be sure to check back on this post for the link to the new modeling board

Update: New Forum Here , Free to join, discuss modeling also new kit announcements and product support


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