Well…This project started back in 2006 with the first attempt which managed to only get as far as one side panel made and stalled from that point as their was not very much reference out there and one of the main issues was the real size of the studio model. For years people speculated what the correct size is with some saying 46″ some saying 41″ and everything in between. So I shelved the project until I could get more info on the subject.

Flash to 2010 , I was living in China for about 3 years from 2010-2013 Now, China being so close to Japan I flew to Japan several times to inquire at 3 of the major model manufactures that a vast majority of the donor parts that went on the studio model. Upon my arrival to each company I was met with the upmost hospitality and was a real pleasure to spend some time with several people at these places. Once I told them why I was there and what I was doing they granted me access to old files…Scans!!!! Scans of all the models they produced up to 1977. Why 1977? because I knew any model made after 1977 wouldn’t work as the model was made in 1976 during production for Star Wars.

Upon returning back from Japan to China , I spent 3 years looking at images of the filming model and hundreds of scans using 2 computers 1 for reference 1 for scans and complied a donor list that was needed in order to chase down all the kits and some very rare ones in order to take on the subject once again…

Back home to USA!! 2013 , Day of my second day back I scoured ebay and bought and bid on every kit I needed ALL OF THEM! also I was able to get exclusive access to the filming model FINALLY!!! Real dimensions!! With tape measure in hand and my digital camera and a pizza! yeah a pizza! I bought the security cards 3 large pizzas to allow me after hours access so I took over 200 photos filling up 3 memory cards! So in April 2013 I started attempt #2 which I managed to complete the lower rear section, and start on the “engine” panel.

Then 2016 life happens….Yet another stall but it was only for 3 years so in summer of 2016 I dusted off all the models I acquired and began the 3rd and final attempt and started on the lower rails then I took on each panel after that and took a year off and began again where I left off and in 2018 I finally completed the 1st ever fully scratch build studio scale Jawa Sandcrawler!

Flash to the present 2021…I’m currently in the process of making molds for the crawler so I can cast one and build it the way I intended from back in 2006 when this project first started.

I still have all the reference photos and scans on that old computer along with my construction pics, however in January of this year the power supply went out on that computer and I had to buy another one which is what I’m using to type this post now. When I locate the right power supply for that other computer I will upload all those photos on this site.

I would like to say, there are currently several people now building a studio scale Sandcrawler but they are using the wrong dimensions…I tried telling the creator of the files that these people are basing their info from that the dimensions were not right but…..I can’t force them to correct it so everyone is building theirs to the incorrect size 🙁

Here are some videos of my build of the masters..


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