The SSM 1/10 X-Wing Group Build will be launching Tuesday 08/010/2021. Working on a few details about the build now and a video of this build will be on the SSM youtube Channel.

What is a Group Build? A group build means just that a group of builder’s following along and build the same model, share in discussions, suggestions, photos and so on. Also the group build is a 12 month build as a group or if someone wanted to not be in the group and buy the model at one time they can.

The group build is a 12 month series setup on the SSM Patreon page , A builder can choose to join the group and following along with the build , SSM will posting the build videos for each part as the model build progresses.

When a builder signs up for this group build they do it through the group patreon page which is a monthly subscription that provides the builder with a part or parts that are for that particular month for 12 months at the end of 12 months the build is over and you can either opt out or join another group build. The group build is geared to those that don’t want to spend a lot of money at once for a model but can do so on their budget and have the enjoyment of following along with others on the same model at the same time.

About this model:

I created the master patterns for my own 1/24 Studio Scale X-Wing So those of you that may not know what masters are or the term “studio scale” , When referring to masters or master patterns in the modeling terms means a pattern to a particular subject is created in order to make molds from so that parts “copies” of that part can be pulled from thus creating several copies of that master part. The term “studio scale” means a model created in the same fashion as the model used in filming, such as size and materials used to make the filming model for an example please view the youtube channel on the studio scale sandcrawler series

I created the patterns for my own 1/24 Studio Scale X-Wing (No kits were ever released from these patterns) so these patterns were then measured,modeled and 3d scanned in software to create a CAD file for printing the X-Wing in any scale with the same correct details so a 1/10 X-Wing will have the same exact details as the 1/24 counterpart or should I say as the filming model ILM used in production of A New Hope.

So this 1/10 X-Wing will be super accurate to the filming model other than its just larger for your 6″ Black Series pilots.

This model includes a 1/10 Pilot in seated position so you can paint it to match any pilot in Red or Blue squadron. You can also use a 6″ Black Series pilot as this model is scaled to the black series figures. Last I checked only 3 6″ black series pilots are out there Biggs, Luke and Wedge.

About the Group Build:

As a group build each subscriber will receive a part or parts each month for 12 months thus at the end of 12 months you will have each part that makes up the complete 1/10 model. The build discussions will take place on the SSM Patreon page in the discussion section which you will be able to participate in after joining the group build.

SSM will also be implementing a forum on this site as well for these group builds.

What is included in the 1/10 X-wing Group Build Subscription?

All the parts to build a accurate X-Wing in 1/10 scale spread out over the course of 12 months and full electronics package included which will allow you to light up the cockpit and engines even if you don’t know anything about lighting up a model the electronics package will be in such a way that you can install it on your own by following along the group build videos. Full tech support at each and every stage of the build, access to the forum and group discussions.

Scale Comparison

Below is a picture of the same sections both the 1/24 (studio scale) part next to the same part in 1/10 scale as you can clearly see the size of this model. This model is in the same scale as the black series snowspeeder that hasbro released.

Cost and where to join this group build

12 Month subscription is $49.99 a month , you can join this group build here

Group Build Monthly

1st Month – Cockpit and pilot figure – Photos soon.


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